Geometric measurement

Geometric measurement technology spans an extremely wide field. From relatively simple straightness measurements of a member to considerably more complicated right angle measurements of machine tools and checks of turbines for power generation. The Easy-Laser® systems are excellent for taking all these types of measurements quickly and easily. The universal and intelligent design gives you many application possibilities because the laser transmitter and detectors are designed to be twisted, turned, and mounted in all possible and impossible ways!

XT20/22 - Laser transmitter

Laser transmitter XT20/22 can be used to measure flatness, straightness, squareness, level and parallelism.

E910 - Flange

Easy-Laser® E910 Flange is a system used to measure flange flatness of windmill towers, wings and hubs, tower bases, etc. It can also be used for parallelism measurement.

E915 - Flange spin

Easy-Laser® E915 is a system used to measure flange flatness of windmill towers and slewing bearings with an easy-to-use rotating laser. You can see the result as a 3D image in the display ...

E920 - Geometric

Easy-Laser® E920 is a complete system in itself, with laser transmitter, detector and display unit. But it is also an excellent starting point for creating a measurement system ...

E930 - Extruder

Easy-Laser® E930 is designed to measure straightness and pointing direction, primarily on extruder pipes. Another application can be hydraulic pipes for example.

E950 - Bore alignment

Easy-Laser® E950 makes the control and adjustment work of bearings and bearing journals easier thanks to the wireless detector unit and measurement programs ...

E960 - Turbine alignment

Easy-Laser® E960 Turbine alignment systems make the measurement and adjustment work of diapraghms and bearings easier ...

E970 - Parallelism

For parallelism measurement of rolls and other objects in numerous applications. The E970 is especially suitable when many objects ...

E290 - Digital precision level

With the Easy-Laser® E290 Digital precision level you get new possibilities for aligning your machinery...