Intellinova® Parallel MB is a small and robust condition monitoring unit for parallel measurement on four channels, providing instant condition evaluation.

High-performance characteristics

Intellinova Parallel MB delivers advanced vibration analysis and shock pulse monitoring in a small, high-performance package. Careful hardware design and component selection ensures exceptional response time and high-efficiency data acquisition, making the system well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications. 

With online or offline capabilities, this compact-size unit supports all vibration and shock pulse techniques, including the reliable and proven HD condition monitoring technologies HD ENV® and SPM HD® for superior vibration, lubrication, and shock pulse monitoring. 

Stand-alone or Modbus integration

Intellinova Parallel MB is an excellent candidate for first-line condition monitoring. Intellinova Parallel MB is easily integrated into existing industrial automation systems via the widely supported Modbus RTU protocol, thus enabling trouble-free communication of measuring results to PLCs, SCADA or other process control systems. Run as an offline unit, Intellinova Parallel MB can be connected for example to an alarm light, siren, circuit breaker or other external devices, alerting for fault symptoms such as gear and bearing faults, imbalance, inadequate lubrication, etc.

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Intellinova Parallel MB delivers advanced vibration analysis and shock pulse monitoring technology in a small, high-performance package, well suited for a wide variety of industrial machinery.


Whether in online or offline mode, the unit is easy to configure and use. Its advanced measurement technology can be made even more easily accessible, for example through an HMI display.
Money: high-tech - low cost


Using patented HD technology, the small, robust Intellinova Parallel MB unit measures vibration or shock pulse levels on four channels in parallel, providing immediate condition evaluation.

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High-performance characteristics and easy configuration

Intellinova Parallel MB measures in parallel on all four channels and provides immediate indication of current operating condition. The unit can operate in an online or an offline mode. A number of pre-programmed configurations are available for easy selection with rotary switches on the front panel.

Intellinova Parallel MB can operate as an offline device – where further analysis can be done using for example portable instruments on the unit's isolated signal output – but is also easily integrated into existing industrial automation systems via Modbus RTU.

Alarms can be set with or without a delay, based either on time or on a number of measurements. Measuring results and symptom values are compared with the alarm level set up and can activate one of six digital inputs/outputs which can be configured to control a relay, for example. To ensure that no critical events go unnoticed, the unit can be set up to repeat its configured measurements as often as possible. The status of the latest measurement is indicated by a LED on the front panel. Two parallel RPM inputs can be used for measurements with HD Order Tracking.

The units have a robust aluminum housing and are intended for DIN rail mounting.




Wind turbines

Machine tools




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Technical overview

Vibration measurement unit – Dual Technology
The unit measures the vibration level on all four channels in parallel. When used with the DuoTech accelerometer, it can also be used for shock pulse measurement. The unit provides continuous monitoring of operating condition by means of:

• Vibration measurement (Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement rms, HD ENV)
• Symptom values 
• Spectrum 
• Time signal 
• Shock pulse measurement including lubrication condition (HDm/HDc, LR/HR) via DuoTech accelerometer

Selected specifications:

• Dimensions: 105.4x99x72.7 mm
• Weight: 370 g

Shock pulse measurement unit
The unit measures shock pulse levels on four channels in parallel. Shock pulse values are raw values that after normalization show the status of e.g. a bearing. The unit provides continuous monitoring operating condition by means of:

• Shock pulse measurement including lubrication condition (HDm/HDc, LR/HR) 
• Symptom values 
• Spectrum 
• Time signal

Selected specifications:

• Dimensions: 144x105.4x72.7 mm
• Weight: 550 g