SPM Academy trains executives, supervisors, production personnel, and maintenance engineers who are involved in different ways in mechanical condition monitoring. The objective is to enable you to obtain the information that is critical to your production in plenty of time so that you can avoid expensive production stoppages.

SPM offers some of the world's most efficient and most straightforward methods of condition monitoring on rotating machines. The SPM Academy provides the training that serves as an integrated part of the company's approach to condition monitoring. The SPM Academy is thus a prerequisite for the SPM concept whose strategy is to enable your personnel to carry out measurements, evaluate the results, and make decisions. SPM Academy offers standardized courses as well as customized training.

Condition Monitoring training

SPM Academy offers two Condition Monitoring training courses. The participant learns about shock pulse and vibration measurement techniques with the handheld instruments Leonova Diamond/Leonova Emerald and the latest version ...

Accredited Vibration Analyst

SPM Academy offers three levels of Vibration Analysis training in compliance with ISO and conducts the test that can give the participant the official ISO 18436-2 approval as Vibration Analyst...

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