Calibration and repair

We recognize the importance of your continued confidence in the accuracy and dependability of your measuring equipment. We provide a complete range of service, repair, and calibration to ensure that any equipment purchased from us is kept in good shape and delivering accurate measurement results.




For all online systems, SPM recommends a functional test interval of 24 months. Every 48 months, the functional test shall include all parts of the measuring systems, i.e., transducers, cables, and monitoring units.

Portable instrumentation should be calibrated every twelve months, and SPM also recommends functional tests, at least every twelve months, of all portable accessories, including transducers and cables.

Calibration requires specific instrumentation and software, and must only be performed by an authorized SPM company or distributor. 


Our very competent Service Center will assist you quickly if an incident should occur, and you need your measurement system repaired, or when it is time for calibration. Fast service is something we emphasize because we know that each hour of machine downtime costs money. You can count on us when it really matters. We can also offer an express service at an additional cost.

On this page, you can download our RMA form. After completing this form, you can send your Easy-Laser system to our address. You will receive status updates automatically.

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