DuoTech accelerometers

In the DuoTech® accelerometer, two of the most widely used and successful methods for monitoring mechanical condition come together: vibration and shock pulse measurement. The combination of the patented HD ENV and SPM HD measuring techniques provides maximum flexibility, enabling superior lubrication and bearing monitoring as well as detection of vibration-related problems.

Superior combination of HD measurement technologies

The ability to use a single sensor for vibration or shock pulse measurement – or both – provides maximum flexibility to select the optimal measurement technology for a given problem or application. DuoTech is an individually tuned piezo-electric accelerometer delivering excellent performance in a very large area of applications.

Performance without compromise

Digital technique and carefully engineered mechanics provide very impressive performance characteristics. The DuoTech accelerometer provides consistent, high-precision readings in the low and high frequency range. The robust design makes DuoTech an appropriate choice for a wide variety of industrial applications, including harsh and potentially explosive environments. For measurement with portable data collectors and analyzers, the DuoTech quick connector version enables flawless signal transmission.

Two-in-one flexibility


Combining the world’s most efficient condition monitoring technologies, DuoTech provides maximum flexibility to select the optimal measuring technique for any problem.
Efficiency boost


Adding more possibilities to existing measuring points by combining vibration and shock pulse measurement, DuoTech is the ultimate choice to boost condition monitoring efficiency.
Perfect for retrofit


Easy installation to standard vibration inputs via twisted pair cable and MIL type connector make the DuoTech accelerometer an excellent and cost-efficient choice for retrofit projects.
Worker seen from the back in an industrial environment

“DuoTech joins the best of two cutting-edge monitoring technologies. The scope of machine problems which can be detected and monitored, the clarity of the measuring results and the forewarning times made possible with HD ENV and SPM HD – they are all unparalleled to other measuring techniques.”

- Stefan Lindberg, CEO of SPM International



“After twelve years of condition monitoring with portable instruments, we see a great benefit in having an online condition monitoring system that can help us see in real time the dynamic behavior of the machine and also to determine how the changes in technological parameters are influencing that. All of that will help us to further increase the speed of the machine, and with that the productivity. DuoTech was the decisive argument for choosing SPM, being able to provide the benefits of both the vibration and shock pulse technologies. The ability to obtain a longer pre-warning time has also played an important role.“

-Radu Alexe, Predictive Maintenance Specialist at Vrancart S.A.


The DuoTech® accelerometer for explosive atmosphere is a single transducer solution used for vibration measurements or shock pulse measurements or both in combination.
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Technical overview

The accelerometer is mounted in a countersunk mounting hole identical to holes normally used by shock pulse transducers.

The housing and base are made of stainless acid proof steel suitable for aggressive environments. 

The DuoTech solutions come in a variety of choices and specifications to fit your needs. Rated IP65, or IP66/67 with sealed connector (IP66/67 or higher). 

DuoTech SLC141

Nom. sensitivity, main axis: 10 mV/g*
Measuring range, vibration: 6000 m/s2=600g
Measuring range, shock pulse: 10 to 95 dB


* Individual value given on the calibration chart.

DuoTech SLC144

Nom. sensitivity, main axis: 100 mV/g*
Measuring range, vibration: 600 m/s2=60g
Measuring range, shock pulse: −12 to 75 dB


Also available with quick connector. 

* Individual value given on the calibration chart.


Installation materials

Connectors, cables, and service box

We offer a wide range of connectors in composite or stainless-steel material. Composite material provides benefits such as vibration dampening and weight reduction, while stainless steel can withstand mechanical forces and works both in high and low temperatures, etc.

For our connectors we have different types of cables, and to further secure the installation, we supply uncovered, acid proof stainless steel conduits. These are protective covers slipped onto the cable and fixed to the transducer at the connector. Stainless steel cable clips are available for holding the conduit. For protection of cable joints from moist and water, a stainless, acid proof steel service box is available.