Easy-Laser XT20/22 laser transmitter

Flatness and level equals reliability

Setting up your machinery correct is a vital part of early defect elimination. With the XT laser transmitters you satisfy the requirements for flatness and level mentioned in standards (e.g. ISO and ANSI/ASA). This means reduced maintenance expenses and increased asset capacity in the long run. When checking flatness, be it on a machine foundation or a flange, you assure they meet the specified requirements for installation or operating conditions.

Precise and easy to use

XT20 and XT22 are the most user-friendly laser transmitters ever designed. Wireless connection simplifies operation and reduces set up time. The electronic levels stabilize faster, resulting in a better user experience and quicker measurement jobs.
Electronic zeroing eliminates the cumbersome work caused by manual set up and associated errors that can follow. As a user you will also appreciate the newly developed fine-adjustment function which makes it significantly easier to point
the laser beam onto the detector at long distances. The two transmitters are at their core the same, but some things differ, addressing different user needs.

Connected reliability

The XT transmitters have wireless connection to our XT Alignment App. This means that during measurement you get warning messages about events that can affect the result negatively, for example if the transmitter position has changed, or temperature changes inside the unit. Digital read-out (in the app or in the built-in display) means accuracy will not be affected by user interpretation or possible bad ambient lighting. We can also let the app guide you step-by-step when calibrating the
levels before measuring. That’s user friendly! The laser transmitter serial number and time since latest calibration will be saved with the measurement report. This traceability means added reliability for your measurement jobs.




Technical data

XT20 and XT22 

Type of laser XT20: Diode laser
XT22: Fiber-coupled diode laser
Laser wavelength 630–680 nm
Laser Safety Class Class 2
Output power < 1 mW
Beam diameter

XT20: 6 mm [0.24"] at aperture, 10 mm [0.39"] at 20
m [66']

XT22: 6 mm [0.24"] at aperture, 13 mm [0.51"] at 40
m [132']

Working range XT20: 20 m radius [66']
XT22: 40 m radius [132']
Communication BT Wireless Technology
Warning indications Tempearature drift and shake/vibration
Connections Charger
Type of battery Heavy duty Li-Ion chargeable
Operating time Up to 30 hours continuous use
Warm-up time 15 minutes
Operational temp -10–50 °C [14–122 °F]
Charging temperature (battery 0–50 °C [32–122 °F]
Storage temperature -20–50 °C [-4–122 °F]
Relative humidity 10–95% non-condensing
Number of precision levels XT20: 2 pcs Horizontal
XT22: 2 pcs Horizontal, 1 pc Vertical
Precision level range ± 10 mm/m [± 10 mils/inch]
Precision level accuracy ± 0.02 mm/m ±1% [± 0.02 mils/inch ±1%]
Precision level sensitivity 0.001 mm/m [0.001 mils/inch
Laser beam straightness XT20: ± 0.01 mm [± 0.4 mils]
XT22: ± 0.003 mm [± 0.12 mils]
Laser plane flatness ± 0.01 mm/m [± 0.01 mils/inch]
Squareness between laser beams XT20: N/A
XT22: ± 0.01 mm/m [± 0.01 mils/inch]
Laser head fine turning XT20: 1:132 gear ratio
XT22: 1:1320 gear ratio
Environmental protection XT20: IP55, designed for outdoor use (pollution deg. 4)
XT22: N/A, designed for industrial use (pollution deg. 3)
TFT display 240x240 pixels, RGB colour
Housing material Anodized aluminium + PC/ABS + TPU
Dimensions XT20: WxHxD: 147x126x152 mm [5.79x4.97x5.98"]
XT22: WxHxD: 147x136x152 mm [5.79x5.35x5.98"]
Weight XT20: 2065 g [72.86 oz]
XT22: 2264 g [79.86 oz]