Easy-Laser E960 - Turbine alignment

Easy-Laser® E960 Turbine alignment systems make the measurement and adjustment work of diaphragms and bearings easier thanks to the wireless detector unit and measurement programs that guide you through the measurement process.

All of the parts included in the systems are designed and built for even the most demanding workplace and easy setup on any machinery. The versatile design solves the straightness measurement problems quickly and with precision for any application. Objects up to 40 m (132 feet) can be measured. The detector reads measurement values with a resolution of 0.001 mm (0.05 mils).

Easy-Laser® E960-A and E960-B

The system comes in two versions. Easy-Laser® E960-A has a measuring probe with a stroke of 10 mm. The slidable tube makes it possible to measure several positions in a row without moving the bracket. Suitable for gas turbines and smaller steam turbines.

Easy-Laser® E960-B has a measuring probe with a stroke of 60 mm. This system is suitable for larger turbines. Software, laser transmitter and detector are common to the systems. The detector brackets differ.

Versatile programs

The straightness programs of system E960 are very versatile and let you work in a way that suits every job best. You can add, remove, and remeasure measurement points at any time during the measurement. The program can handle up to 999 points. You can include both full bores and half bores in any combination in one measurement; the program will calculate the correct centerline in all cases. The measurement program includes many different methods for straightness measurement: 1-point measurement, 4-point measurement, Multipoint measurement (also ovality measurement), 3-point measurement, 3-point measurement with arbitrary angles. Optionally a reference detector can be used to monitor the laser transmitter position at long distances.

The measurement result

Thanks to the large color display with clear graphs and measurement data, you can evaluate the result directly on site. Any point can be set as a reference and you can set an offset to which the centerline will be recalculated. You can also calculate waviness (short and long) and best-fit for the points. If you want, the result can also be checked against a tolerance value. The measurement system takes care of all these complicated calculations for you.

Technical data

Display unit

Name: E51
Part number: 12-0418
Type of display/size: VGA 5.7” colour screen, backlit LED
Displayed resolution: 0.001 mm/0.05 thou
Power management: Endurio™ system for unbroken power supply
Internal battery (fixed): Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
Battery compartment: For 4 x R14 (C)
Connections: USB A, USB B, Easy-Laser® units, Charger
Operating temperature: −10 to 50 °C
Communication: BT wireless technology
Internal memory: >100 000 measurements can be saved
Help functions: Calculator, Unit converter
Environmental protection: IP class 65
Housing material: PC/ABS + TPE
Dimensions (WxHxD): 250x175x63 mm [9.8”x6.9”x2.5”]
Weight (without batteries): 1080 g [2.4 lbs]

Laser transmitter

Name: D75
Part number: 12-0075
Type of laser: Diode laser
Laser wavelength: 630–680 nm, visible red light
Laser safety class: Class 2
Adjustable modulation: 5, 32 KHz
Output: < 1 mW
Beam diameter: 6 mm [1/4”] at aperture
Working area, range: 40 m [130']
Type of battery: 1 x R14 (C)
Operating time/battery: approx. 15 h
Laser adjustment: D75: 2 ways ±2° (± 35 mm/m)
Housing material: Anodized aluminium
Dimensions (WxHxD): 60x60x120 mm [2.36x2.36x4.72"]
Weight: 780 g [27.5 oz]


Name: E7
Part number: 12-0752
Communication: Wireless unit 12-0436 (separate item) or cable
Type of detector: 2 axis PSD 20x20 mm [0.78" sq]
Resolution: 0.001 mm [0.05 mils]
Measurement accuracy: ±1µm ±1%
Inclinometers: 0.1° resolution
Thermal sensor: ± 1 °C accuracy
Environmental protection: IP class 66 and 67
Internal battery: Li Ion
Operating temperature: −10 to 50 °C
Protection: No influence from ambient light
Housing material: Anodized aluminium, plastics
Dimensions (WxHxD): 60x60x42 mm [2.36x2.36x1.65”]
Weight: 186 g [6.6 oz]

Wireless unit

Name: Wireless unit for E7, E5, E4, ES, EM, ESH, EMH
Part number: 12-0436
Communication: BT wireless technology
Temperature range: −10 to 50 °C
Environmental protection: IP class 66 and 67
Housing material: ABS
Dimensions (WxHxD): 53x32x24 mm [2.1"x1.2"x0.9"]
Weight: 25 g [0.9 oz]