SPM Instrument official training centre for Mobius certification

SPM Instrument has recently become an official training and examination centre for the ISO 18436-2 vibration analyst CAT I, II and III certification. ISO 18436-2 CAT I training is intended for anyone involved in a condition monitoring program; whether it concerns performing routine measurements, making a 1st line assessment of vibration measurements or wanting to better assess and improve machine behaviour from a reliability point of view.

The first level CAT I is very much a general introduction of Condition Monitoring to maintenance personnel working in industries with high demands on the skills of their maintenance engineers. It gives knowledge and motivation to get involved in the work of improving plant performance. The two higher levels, CAT II and III, are intended for Vibration Analysts who want to expand their knowledge and better use the potential of vibration analysis to contribute to improving machine reliability.

During the course, you will see professionally developed materials, with 3D animations, Flash interactions, and powerful software simulations making it very easy to understand vibration analysis. During the course, we use wireless polling devices to conduct quizzes with anonymous scoring; it helps attendees see if they understand the material, and the teacher can easily see if everyone is keeping up.

The CAT I training will be provided in the Dutch language. The first classroom session is expected to take place later in the year. Dates for the online Cat II / III training courses are already published on the website.