Easy-Laser D90 - Belt alignment

D90 is the perfect tool for sheave and pulley alignment. Mounted in a few seconds, the laser line projected onto the targets allows you to ascertain and correct the misalignment quickly. It couldn’t be easier!

The D90 belt alignment tool is attached in a few seconds, and you can easily see the laser line projected on the targets. When the line lies in the slots of the targets, the machine is in the right position. The result is a fast, precise alignment.

Large cost savings

Transmissions with two or more belts, or wide belts, are highly affected by misalignment, causing large differences in belt tensions and also increased wear and tear on edges. When aligning with the Easy-Laser® BTA you reduce the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals as well as reducing vibration. Increased efficiency also means large energy cost savings.

For all types of sheaves/pulleys

Easy-Laser® D90 BTA is attached to the side of the sheave/pulley and not to the belt groove. This means it is just as easy to adjust v-belt, flat belt and timing belt pulleys as chain wheels. The clever design of the anchor plate/reference surface ensures hassle-free alignment of both large and small sheaves/pulleys.

Add a digital display unit

Easy-Laser® D90 BTA has targets that are read “visually” and ensure excellent accuracy. That is enough for many users. If, in the future, you want to have a digital display and its associated benefits, you can add the digital detector/display unit (Part No. 12-1054), which can detect the laser line from Easy-Laser® D90 BTA. Full expandability in true Easy-Laser fashion!

Technical data

Laser transmitter for belt alignment

Name: Laser transmitter for belt alignment, XT
Part number: 12-0309
Sheave diameters: Ø60 mm [2.5”] and larger
Laser class: 2
Laser wavelength: 635–670 nm
Beam angle: 60°
Accuracy laser plane – Reference plane: Parallelity: < 0.05°, Offset < 0.2 mm [0.008”]
Battery type: 1xR6 (AA) 1.5 V
Battery operation: 8 h continuously
Material: ABS plastics/hard anodized aluminium
Dimensions (WxHxD): 145x86x30 mm [5.7x3.4x1.2”]
Weight: 270 g [9.5 oz]